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Vermont Sourdough

The first time I made it, I couldn’t wait enough, almost no proofing, then I had to bake, it was late. I just miscalculated all the timing. But yesterday i baked it again, I cut it this morning  and the bread is very good (at least for me).

For this bread you need a liquid levain. However usually I keep my sourdough as a stiff dough at 50% hydration. After I studied some articles on liquid levain I decided to move all my culture to a higher hydration (I still keep a small piece a 50% just in case something goes wrong with the liquid one.) This is the fourth day that my yeast and bacteria are living in a 125% hydration system and they seem quite happy.

In my liquid levain I couldn’t observe any big change in volume but just a froth on the top. Is that normal? these are just my first experiences with a liquid sourdough.
I have also bough two bannetons, one oval and one round, I used them for the bread and I already love them.

Here are the final results:

Round banneton...proofing

Long banneton after proofing


Seems a good crumb. Quite open.

I am quite happy with the bread.

Oh, and since I promised that I had to try the pizza again…and I like to have busy days, yesterday, I also prepared 11 pizzas, and invited some friends over.

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  1. 13/06/2010 at 11:23 pm

    I converted a separate portion of my starter to a liquid levain for these sourdoughs like you! and kept the rest at my usual hydration which is something like 80 percent, I too prefer a stiffer starter for storage. The liquid levain does tend to froth more, presumably on account of the fact that it is more liquid, it also rises and falls more dramatically, mine leaves a tidemark when it collapses from its high point. Bread looks good, excellent open crumb and very consistent all the way through. Lovely!

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